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Man oh man, let me tell you. I just got a new “new old” girl, a 1975 2002 BMW. I knew going into the purchase that I would have to get the transmission replaced. (I would be upset, but it’s hard to be when you got a deal like I did). Of course, it’s still never exactly fun to have to worry about any type of repair. But I got just about as close as possible.


First of all, let me start with mentioning that I’ve had some very bad experiences in the transmission world. I’m a sucker for older cars which can naturally get you in trouble if you’re not very careful. But it’s also about who you hire to get the job done.

The company I found is All-Trans Transmission. am so grateful to have stumbled across this particular company for the job. These guys are the real deal; transmission experts who know just about all there is you need to know on the subject. They can work on just about any type of transmission and somehow still get the job done fast every time.


I imagine this is due to the fact that they keep a lot of parts in-house to ensure that there’s a quick turn-around. Now, I’ve heard other companies make the same claim without any way to back it. But these guys had me on the road within half a day.

On top of this, all the folks at All-Trans were very friendly and enjoyable to work with. Turns out they’ve been servicing the Greenville area since 1985. This should tell you something about their customer satisfaction. It takes a special company to last that long; especially in a growing area like Greenville. They really have that “Southern Hospitality” that I moved into the area for in the first place.

And as some of you may be wondering, the price was good. Of course, I didn’t expect it to be cheap as I’m dealing with a classic. But the price at least matched the price that I was hoping to hit. (And I dream big). For those in the area, I suggest you giving these guys a try if you ever find yourself in need of a transmission repair or replacement. Anyone who lives outside of Greenville, I hope you can find someone just as good. “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

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